Monday, December 20, 2010

I hope you're all staying alive

Sorry for no updates for like forever, wow... lot of "for"'s in that sentence, felt like pointing that out lol
So finals are done and Christmas is in less than a week, oh lordie! Also, guess what, I got sick. yay. I've acutally been sick since November, it just hasn't gone away. I've gone to the doctors at least 5 times already, ugh. Hopefully it will go away soon.
In the mean time I've been relaxing at home watch Doctor Who while in my snuggie. Ahhhhh, bliss. Hawt David Tennant to soothe my aching.... everything!
Yes, I'm very excited for the upcoming Christmas special! lol

In other news, I got a new phone. I'm no longer using my iPhone 3G. I now have a Samsung Captivate. I just love it!

It's a pretty spiffy phone, it uses the Droid engine so it takes getting used to from an iPhone. My wallpaper is pretty awesome for it too.
HAH! I made it relate back to Doctor Who!! Ah let me here that collective groan lol
It was only fair because my friend has a Matt Smith Doctor wallpaper on her Samsung phone, we just have to match. She also suggested I name it TARDIS..... I did
lol sorry, this post just became very Doctor Who lol 
I'll post a better phone review after Christmas, I just need more time playing with it.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Lol oh vampires

Today was a fun eventful day, I got my nails done (finally) because I had the money. I went to OC Nail & Beauty I've been there before, I went for my birthday back in March. It was my first time getting acrylics and I ended up going all out for deco as well lol.
The place is really nice and you get pampered there, I really like it lol. I went simple though and just got pink acrylics and some deco flowers.
It was still pretty expensive but worth it, I love them. The ring finger has blue and white roses. Something simple and classic for Christmas time. I have to get used to it them again, I've been typing all dumb on WOW lol "sry gaiz, got my nailz did" "....just heal dammit"

Now onto my stupid title, actually watching Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust right now, I forgot how awesome this movie is. I started reading the novels again, they are just my favorite. *ahem* not to brag but... I recently found my signed copy of one of the mangas too. 
ANYWAYS, I just wanted to post a fun entry tonight, just before finals. When my portfolio is done, I'll share it :3

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas tea party

My best friend, and fellow lolita enthusiast, hosted a wonderful tea party for Christmas time today. The setting was Paris in a Cup in Orange. The whole setting was perfect, well almost... My friend, who put this whole thing together, could only stay for 10 minutes because her work had called her in for the duration of the tea party. She didn't get to enjoy it with us. She did of course graced us with her presence and promptly left for work before tea was served.

I wore Twinkle Journey for the party, please excuse my derpy face.... for most of the pictures. I've been getting over a horrible cold that left me huffing and sniffling during the party. I tired my best to hide how miserable I was dealing with it DX
My outfit rundown was this:
Skirt: Metamorphoze
Carthaginian: of brand
Hair band, rings(some), & shoes: Forever 21
Tights: awesome wool tights I bought at T.J. Max!!
The tea was amazing, it was a Christmas blend that has lovely flavors such as cinnamon. Ok, just so you know, I'm a huge Christmas fan, so when I saw the blend of tea I HAD to get it! I was so glad I did, I'll have to go back and get some more~
I added two cubes of brown sugar and was in heaven, it was such a beautiful red color. I just love Christmas time!
I ordered the Isabelle meal that came with scones, tea sandwiches, and soup! It was a lot of food (also expensive!!) It was so delicious, I forgot to snap a picture of my scone platter!
I snapped a picture of my friend's instead XD
That chocolate drink she had was really cute.
The meal was as good as it looked, The cucumber sandwich was so delicious. The soup was a potato soup with bacon bit on top. You can never go wrong with bacon.
During out delicious meal, carolers came in and sang classic Christmas songs for us.
They dressed in a vintage style and we all gushed over their bonnets!
After our meal, some girls bought dessert as well, 
...we devoured the beautiful and delicious dessert....
We moved the party outside to see the Christmas tree lighting ceremony but, it started raining terribly. A lot of us split up to find shelter and ultimately left for home. So many printed dresses had to avoid the rain! 
The day was wonderful none the less and was a memorable experience. I was so glad to see old friends and make new ones. It was a lot of fun! 

P.S. MY friend Sarah and I wore the same print! We where twinsies!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas season is here!

I thought I'd update my friends and wish you all a safe and happy holiday season. I've been working like hell on my final projects and my job is working me to death so I've had little time to think up witty and fun blog posts. I would love to share some new, not really ever posted, illustrations for you all~
They are for my portfolio project due in about two weeks. ugh, I hope I can live past finals!!

Delicious contortionist, he's just and original character.

I had to do SOME lolita! A mermaid one is just so cute~

Thats it for le sneak preview.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

3 movies you'll regret watching

Besides my normal obsessions (lolita, art and gaming) I also love movies. My favorite type? Horror movies, but I am specific with the films I love. Not just any Scream, or bad Wes Craven film (I mean the BAD ones). I mean amazing films such as Suspiria, Night of the Living Dead, [rec], ect...
But, there comes a time I stumble upon films that leave me feeling sick, horrified, and wanting to take a shower. These are the films that have cause outrage and have been banned in several countries. They also make Human Centipede look like a feel good fun fest.
These films are watched out of a dare among friends, or as a conquest for the brave. I've watched these films and bring them to you if you dare to watch.

Photobucket Cannibal Holocaust is a 1980 exploitation film. Set in the amazon, a crew enter to find and exploit cannibal tribes. The film seems so realistic that the director stood trial for murder charges. Not only that but the film also went under fire from animal cruelty charges. Yes, the film depicts real animal deaths. There are 6 different animal deaths on film.
-A muskrat is stabbed multiple times in the neck
-A large spider is chopped by a machete
-A a snake is killed by a machete
-A monkey has it's face cut off
-A small pig is shot
-A large turtle is decapitated and cut up to cook.
The turtle scene by far is the worst, while the actors cut it up, the head is still snapping while dreary and unsettling music plays.
These by far where the worst and most uncomfortable scenes to watch in the film. After coming under fire by animal right activists the director did in fact state that he regrets filming actual animal deaths.
The film ,of course, pack a message of who is the real savage in he film. The cannibalistic tribes or a crew exploiting them throughout the "footage".

Photobucket Salo, the 120 Days of Sodom a 1975 Italian language film by Pier Paolo Pasolini. A film that after watching will leave you wanting to take a shower. The film is based on the book The 120 Days of Sodom by the Marquis de Sade. To basically sum up the movie: in the 1940's 4 rich and sick men kidnap a lot of young boys and girls to molest, rape and ultimately kill a select sum, the end. The film is praised as an excellent art film but in the end is a disturbing piece of film.
It explores themes of corruption, sadism, political corruption, and fascism. If you're given everything you want and can do whatever you want with no consequences, what will you do?

Photobucket A Serbian Film, a 2010 horror film from, well.... Serbia. It's about a retired Serbian porn star given a role in an "art film". Half way into the film he has woken from a drugged haze to figure out what has happen. The film depicts rape, murder, necrophilia, incest, and pedophilia. The film is so horrid, viewers have uttered "I want everyone associated with this film to die a horrible death" and I can only agree.
30 minutes into the film you are presented with something so horrible and disgusting it will make you sick, and actually gave me nightmares. If I had to recommend one film out of this list to destroy, it would be this film.

You're probably asking, "why did you watch these?" A challenge I guess, I can't really explain it. Someone tells me "this is horrible, you shouldn't watch this" I most likely immediately go out and watch it.

Now, I ask you, have you watched any of these? Care to share others that can be added to the list of fucked up films? Or are you up to the challenge like am and are willing to watch them?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cosplay Wigs USA review

This is a review of Cosplay Wigs USA's two toned pigtail styled wig. If you'd like to see a review of another wig by them, my friend Sarah has a review up on her blog.
I felt it was silly but I always wanted one of those trendy two toned lolita wigs. After a short while I finally committed to buying one. I chose Cosplay Wigs USA because of the free shipping and I loved the color choice.
I actually ordered with wig as soon as my paycheck went through (at 2:30 am!) and within 6 hors of ordering it, they shipped it out. I was surprised by how fast they processed the order, they where actually trying to ship it out to me by Halloween like the website promised. Since it was in two days, I didn't expect it and didn't mind since it wasn't for Halloween at all.  The wig arrived the day after actually and here is where some of my disappointments started. The package was shoved in my small mailbox and actually torn. I blame my local post office for this, I've had problems with them in the past (my struggle with them can be read here at my personal blog)
Sorry for no photos of the package, I tore it open in excitement to get at my new wig. What I didn't know about it, when purchasing it was that the pigtails are sewn in; they are not clips.  Also with the pigtails, I have a small complaint.
The poof for them is teased wig fibers, the problem I had was successfully covering them, they will end up showing a little unless hidden by an Alice bow. Which brings up another problem, the pigtails rest on the front of the wig, when putting on a hair band or Alice bow, the pigtails are in the way, you can't go in between the curls either because of the dense teased wig fibers. I had to open the band wider to get it to rest on the wig. Fortunately band wasn't warped at all (thank you Angelic Pretty!) but, I had to adjust it or push it back down onto the wig because it would stick up. Any girls with stiff hair bands (like some Innocent World ones) will have a problem with this wig.
In the end, I do love this wig. It's very cute and a nice quality. Overall I do recommend Cosplay Wigs USA, please check them out.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My top 3 favorite podcasts

Over the past two years I've turned into an avid podcast listener. I tend to listen to podcasts more than music lately. It helps me get through homework, long illustration projects, or when I'm playing World of Warcraft (hah hah)
I thought it would be great to share my favorite podcasts with you all. A warning though, the ones I listen too all have adult, controversial and offensive subject matter. I didn't get into them because of this, I just find them very funny and interesting to listen to.
So, if you get offended easily or very squeamish at times, you might not like these.

Wreckless Media Radio
A weekly show from Detroit Michigan, hosted by Brian Berris and co-staring his friends. The show goes over a long list of topics such as news stories, personal anecdotes,strange youtube clips, and outlandish stories. I find myself laughing hysterically over strange moments in the show. It usually runs 2 hours long so I tend to listen to it while doing something that takes forever or many projects at a time.

No Body Likes Onions
A comedy podcast run by LA comedian Patrick Melton. He usually has fellow comedy friends on the show with him talking about current events, his love for Apple products, or gossiping about the comedy industry. On the show he acts like a senseless prick picking on co-hosts, callers, or women. Anyone with a brain will realize it's all for comedy. This show leaves me laughing over other's and Patrick himself doing something intentionally stupid. The show runs about an hour and updates once or twice a week, sometimes more.

Distorted View
This is my all time favorite podcast, coming from Ohio, it is hosted by Tim Henson (not to be confused with the puppet guy). It covers current "crazy, bizarre, and fucked up" news. The start of each episode has sound clips gathered from all over the internet. News bloopers, crazy homeless people, youtards, and the all over crazy is presented with Tim's commentary. At times he struggles with the simple task of just reading what is one screen which is half the fun, hearing him screw up every name in the news stories leaves me laughing hysterically. "A woman named.... oh fuck me.. Sha-sha-ckunasku- fuck it".  The fans of the show have been dubbed Freaky Deakies and I am proud to say I am one. This is one of the only podcasts that I have a paid subscription to, a "Sideshow" membership. The episodes run for about 30 minutes, episode with special Sideshow content run about 40 minutes.

Those are my favorites that I listen to daily. Do you have any others you like? I'd love to hear more recommendations.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meta's Controversial Dark Secrets

Many regulars in the lolita communities heard about Meta's new line called "Dark Secrets".  The line features military style outfits. Namely Nazi style outfits as many girls are pointing out. If you don't believe me, check out some photos.

To me, the outfits are reminiscent of Nazi uniforms, they are also like any European uniforms from the 1940's.  I applaud Meta for being this ballzy, I believe this will go down next to the leopard print dress and the fake leather skirt. Though, I won't be wearing the full getup any time soon, I did fall in love with the jackets. I couldn't get a picture though before they where taken down. Someone sent Meta an upset e-mail to which they quickly took down the photos and left an apology note on their website. This has left many girls upset at Meta for buckling so easily. I personally commend Meta for actually listening to their over seas customers and doing their best to please. To any girl upset over this whole situation can still get their uniform lolita through shopping service. Because, Japan has a huge uniform fetish like me.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Persona 2 remake

It's been recently announced that Persona 2 Innocent Sin is going to be remade for the PSP! Yes, thats right Innocent Sin! The Persona game we didn't get in to US. If you're going "wait Bunny, I played Persona 2! The hell you talking about??" You probably played Eternal Punishment, the sequel to Innocent Sin. For some reason when Atlus brought over Persona 2, they neglected Innocent Sin and just brought over Eternal Punishment. The differences between the games is they happen is parallel worlds. The events that go on in IS don't happen in EP, and you also play two different main characters.

This new PSP remake of IS will have a new opening and some graphics updates. There is no word yet if the remake will make it over to the US, but I'm sure it will. It also has been confirmed that EP will not be on the remake, it will be impossible to fit both games on the UMD. Though, the creator has stated he wants to do a remake of EP as well.
I do know that when this game hits shelves I'll be playing this game all hours of the night like Persona 3!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Dream Prints

Okay okay so I stole the idea from F Yeah Lolita but I put a twist.  I'm not a big AP fan or a print whore but there are a couple prints from all over that I really want to get my hands on.
I've been in love with Vampire Requiem ever since it came out. I would do almost anything to get my hands on the skirt in black.

Moi Memme Moitie's Church Gate. I know this is another dress that will be hard for me to get my hands on. I've always been a sucker for old gothic designs.

Metamorphose's Moon Light Night has almost everything I love. The print reminds me of Vampire Requiem and the OP design is so lovely. Also, the name reminds me of Sailor Moon!

Angelic Pretty's Twinkle Mermaid! It can't be a wish list without an AP print. I love AP's older prints and mermaids are always a win. The version in black is so pretty.

Thats about it for my list dream print dresses. I already own Twinkle Journey so there is no use adding it to the list.  Do you have any dream prints? you should totally share.

Sketch Dump

I've been meaning to post another sketch dump. Here's a bunch of random drawings I've been working on.

I really need to work on getting all these to look good on this blog lol.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Haunted Tea Party

Okay so the party wasn't actually haunted, but it was a Halloween tea party. It was hosted by my best friend at her lovely house in Orange California. Girls from all over Southern California came to the party, we soon crowded her back yard. There was delicious tea, sweet treats, and alcohol! Yum! hah hah
I was able to see new and old friends and left with a full stomach and new accessories from Pink Zombies!

Though I'd love to go on and on about the details of the tea party, it is better to share with photographs!

I'm wearing my Rose Melody dress I got for my birthday. Sarah is posing with me, full of attitude XD

The tea sets were so beautiful, I was always nervous going around with the tea cups. I didn't want to drop them :x
I'm so dorky in this photo...

This tea set is so beautiful. I'm really jealous of it.

I'm gad I skipped breakfast, so many lovely treats!

It's not a tea part without French Macaroons!

Later on some girls arrived with this amazing cake. I was too full to have any at that point but I still managed to snap a photo!

One last group photo with some friends!

It was an amazing time, I am already looking forward to the next meetup! *unpacks blond wig*

BONUS: My guy friend's kitten cuddling me on my dress later that night. So cute!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sketch Dump

I feel the need to dump some sketches here. These have been posted to my LiveJournal and if you'd like to view more of my work you can visit my lame personal blog here.
These are just character concepts and fun ideas I drew out. Some became subjects to change like my character Naoko (purple haired woman), and others like her, no longer has a tail.

 All characters are (c) by me!