Sunday, October 24, 2010

Haunted Tea Party

Okay so the party wasn't actually haunted, but it was a Halloween tea party. It was hosted by my best friend at her lovely house in Orange California. Girls from all over Southern California came to the party, we soon crowded her back yard. There was delicious tea, sweet treats, and alcohol! Yum! hah hah
I was able to see new and old friends and left with a full stomach and new accessories from Pink Zombies!

Though I'd love to go on and on about the details of the tea party, it is better to share with photographs!

I'm wearing my Rose Melody dress I got for my birthday. Sarah is posing with me, full of attitude XD

The tea sets were so beautiful, I was always nervous going around with the tea cups. I didn't want to drop them :x
I'm so dorky in this photo...

This tea set is so beautiful. I'm really jealous of it.

I'm gad I skipped breakfast, so many lovely treats!

It's not a tea part without French Macaroons!

Later on some girls arrived with this amazing cake. I was too full to have any at that point but I still managed to snap a photo!

One last group photo with some friends!

It was an amazing time, I am already looking forward to the next meetup! *unpacks blond wig*

BONUS: My guy friend's kitten cuddling me on my dress later that night. So cute!!

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