Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Persona 2 remake

It's been recently announced that Persona 2 Innocent Sin is going to be remade for the PSP! Yes, thats right Innocent Sin! The Persona game we didn't get in to US. If you're going "wait Bunny, I played Persona 2! The hell you talking about??" You probably played Eternal Punishment, the sequel to Innocent Sin. For some reason when Atlus brought over Persona 2, they neglected Innocent Sin and just brought over Eternal Punishment. The differences between the games is they happen is parallel worlds. The events that go on in IS don't happen in EP, and you also play two different main characters.

This new PSP remake of IS will have a new opening and some graphics updates. There is no word yet if the remake will make it over to the US, but I'm sure it will. It also has been confirmed that EP will not be on the remake, it will be impossible to fit both games on the UMD. Though, the creator has stated he wants to do a remake of EP as well.
I do know that when this game hits shelves I'll be playing this game all hours of the night like Persona 3!

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