Tuesday, November 23, 2010

3 movies you'll regret watching

Besides my normal obsessions (lolita, art and gaming) I also love movies. My favorite type? Horror movies, but I am specific with the films I love. Not just any Scream, or bad Wes Craven film (I mean the BAD ones). I mean amazing films such as Suspiria, Night of the Living Dead, [rec], ect...
But, there comes a time I stumble upon films that leave me feeling sick, horrified, and wanting to take a shower. These are the films that have cause outrage and have been banned in several countries. They also make Human Centipede look like a feel good fun fest.
These films are watched out of a dare among friends, or as a conquest for the brave. I've watched these films and bring them to you if you dare to watch.

Photobucket Cannibal Holocaust is a 1980 exploitation film. Set in the amazon, a crew enter to find and exploit cannibal tribes. The film seems so realistic that the director stood trial for murder charges. Not only that but the film also went under fire from animal cruelty charges. Yes, the film depicts real animal deaths. There are 6 different animal deaths on film.
-A muskrat is stabbed multiple times in the neck
-A large spider is chopped by a machete
-A a snake is killed by a machete
-A monkey has it's face cut off
-A small pig is shot
-A large turtle is decapitated and cut up to cook.
The turtle scene by far is the worst, while the actors cut it up, the head is still snapping while dreary and unsettling music plays.
These by far where the worst and most uncomfortable scenes to watch in the film. After coming under fire by animal right activists the director did in fact state that he regrets filming actual animal deaths.
The film ,of course, pack a message of who is the real savage in he film. The cannibalistic tribes or a crew exploiting them throughout the "footage".

Photobucket Salo, the 120 Days of Sodom a 1975 Italian language film by Pier Paolo Pasolini. A film that after watching will leave you wanting to take a shower. The film is based on the book The 120 Days of Sodom by the Marquis de Sade. To basically sum up the movie: in the 1940's 4 rich and sick men kidnap a lot of young boys and girls to molest, rape and ultimately kill a select sum, the end. The film is praised as an excellent art film but in the end is a disturbing piece of film.
It explores themes of corruption, sadism, political corruption, and fascism. If you're given everything you want and can do whatever you want with no consequences, what will you do?

Photobucket A Serbian Film, a 2010 horror film from, well.... Serbia. It's about a retired Serbian porn star given a role in an "art film". Half way into the film he has woken from a drugged haze to figure out what has happen. The film depicts rape, murder, necrophilia, incest, and pedophilia. The film is so horrid, viewers have uttered "I want everyone associated with this film to die a horrible death" and I can only agree.
30 minutes into the film you are presented with something so horrible and disgusting it will make you sick, and actually gave me nightmares. If I had to recommend one film out of this list to destroy, it would be this film.

You're probably asking, "why did you watch these?" A challenge I guess, I can't really explain it. Someone tells me "this is horrible, you shouldn't watch this" I most likely immediately go out and watch it.

Now, I ask you, have you watched any of these? Care to share others that can be added to the list of fucked up films? Or are you up to the challenge like am and are willing to watch them?


  1. To be quite honest nothing is as fucked up as A Serbian Film 8|

  2. I read the plot to A Serbian Film because of all the controversy about it, and I felt very sick afterward. I definitely agree.

  3. It takes a lot of motivation for me to even watch movies I'm interested in... so these sound like something I'll be skipping. I knew a girl who watched the first one and couldn't stop raving how great it was.

  4. I had to look the Serbian one up, I wish I hadn't.
    That Serbian movie is disgusting and I consider myself open minded as far as brutality in movies goes, but that is just shit you don't need to make a fucking movie about. Ugh. I can't understand how you sat through that. ): Those things are too horrible to imagine. I can't help but think everyone involved is sick.

  5. Thanks for the replies, I originally refused to watch A Serbian Film, it came up in a movie marathon night with friends. We watched all 3 movies from this list in one sitting. Watching it was mostly filled with stupid jokes that made the film bizarrely enjoyable. I still hate the film though

  6. Ahahaha A Serbian Film ...

    Guess what three films I'm going to have to watch soon! >:D

  7. I've seen the first two.
    Have to say I found the turtle the least disturbing part of Cannibal Holocaust.

    Quite like Salo, prefer the book though.

    Not seen A Serbian Film, will have to look it up.

  8. I've seen cannibal Holocaust and does it make me sound jaded when I say it didn't particularly disturb me? Dunno. I know the animal deaths were pretty terrible but at least they were cooked and eaten by the crew afterwards.

    A Serbian Film sounds, honestly, rather intriguing to me. I know its apparently supposed to reflect how the people of serbia feel "raped"/"brutalized" by all the upheaval and violence that part of Europe has gone through.

    A couple movie recommendations based on these movies are Irreversible and Valalla Rising.