Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cosplay Wigs USA review

This is a review of Cosplay Wigs USA's two toned pigtail styled wig. If you'd like to see a review of another wig by them, my friend Sarah has a review up on her blog.
I felt it was silly but I always wanted one of those trendy two toned lolita wigs. After a short while I finally committed to buying one. I chose Cosplay Wigs USA because of the free shipping and I loved the color choice.
I actually ordered with wig as soon as my paycheck went through (at 2:30 am!) and within 6 hors of ordering it, they shipped it out. I was surprised by how fast they processed the order, they where actually trying to ship it out to me by Halloween like the website promised. Since it was in two days, I didn't expect it and didn't mind since it wasn't for Halloween at all.  The wig arrived the day after actually and here is where some of my disappointments started. The package was shoved in my small mailbox and actually torn. I blame my local post office for this, I've had problems with them in the past (my struggle with them can be read here at my personal blog)
Sorry for no photos of the package, I tore it open in excitement to get at my new wig. What I didn't know about it, when purchasing it was that the pigtails are sewn in; they are not clips.  Also with the pigtails, I have a small complaint.
The poof for them is teased wig fibers, the problem I had was successfully covering them, they will end up showing a little unless hidden by an Alice bow. Which brings up another problem, the pigtails rest on the front of the wig, when putting on a hair band or Alice bow, the pigtails are in the way, you can't go in between the curls either because of the dense teased wig fibers. I had to open the band wider to get it to rest on the wig. Fortunately band wasn't warped at all (thank you Angelic Pretty!) but, I had to adjust it or push it back down onto the wig because it would stick up. Any girls with stiff hair bands (like some Innocent World ones) will have a problem with this wig.
In the end, I do love this wig. It's very cute and a nice quality. Overall I do recommend Cosplay Wigs USA, please check them out.


  1. Thanks for the review! You look very cute c: It's a shame you have to wear it with an alice band, but I suppose it looks best that way.

  2. I keep checking out their products, it's great to hear reviews. I'd definitely buy for them if the pigtails were detachable. You look really cute in the wig though! It looks very true to the stock picture at the least.

  3. I'm always looking for wig shop reviews, so I have more options when looking for just the right one. Your wig looks great on you. (:

  4. I love how it's split @___@ the color that is. It's so cute on you! Kinda sucks they aren't detachable though.

  5. amazing wig, i wanted to cosplay as sora this year, costumes are so expensive >.<

  6. I like the two-toned wigs but nowhere sells them in colour combinations I'd actually want. It looks very cute on you, though!