Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meta's Controversial Dark Secrets

Many regulars in the lolita communities heard about Meta's new line called "Dark Secrets".  The line features military style outfits. Namely Nazi style outfits as many girls are pointing out. If you don't believe me, check out some photos.

To me, the outfits are reminiscent of Nazi uniforms, they are also like any European uniforms from the 1940's.  I applaud Meta for being this ballzy, I believe this will go down next to the leopard print dress and the fake leather skirt. Though, I won't be wearing the full getup any time soon, I did fall in love with the jackets. I couldn't get a picture though before they where taken down. Someone sent Meta an upset e-mail to which they quickly took down the photos and left an apology note on their website. This has left many girls upset at Meta for buckling so easily. I personally commend Meta for actually listening to their over seas customers and doing their best to please. To any girl upset over this whole situation can still get their uniform lolita through shopping service. Because, Japan has a huge uniform fetish like me.

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