Sunday, November 14, 2010

My top 3 favorite podcasts

Over the past two years I've turned into an avid podcast listener. I tend to listen to podcasts more than music lately. It helps me get through homework, long illustration projects, or when I'm playing World of Warcraft (hah hah)
I thought it would be great to share my favorite podcasts with you all. A warning though, the ones I listen too all have adult, controversial and offensive subject matter. I didn't get into them because of this, I just find them very funny and interesting to listen to.
So, if you get offended easily or very squeamish at times, you might not like these.

Wreckless Media Radio
A weekly show from Detroit Michigan, hosted by Brian Berris and co-staring his friends. The show goes over a long list of topics such as news stories, personal anecdotes,strange youtube clips, and outlandish stories. I find myself laughing hysterically over strange moments in the show. It usually runs 2 hours long so I tend to listen to it while doing something that takes forever or many projects at a time.

No Body Likes Onions
A comedy podcast run by LA comedian Patrick Melton. He usually has fellow comedy friends on the show with him talking about current events, his love for Apple products, or gossiping about the comedy industry. On the show he acts like a senseless prick picking on co-hosts, callers, or women. Anyone with a brain will realize it's all for comedy. This show leaves me laughing over other's and Patrick himself doing something intentionally stupid. The show runs about an hour and updates once or twice a week, sometimes more.

Distorted View
This is my all time favorite podcast, coming from Ohio, it is hosted by Tim Henson (not to be confused with the puppet guy). It covers current "crazy, bizarre, and fucked up" news. The start of each episode has sound clips gathered from all over the internet. News bloopers, crazy homeless people, youtards, and the all over crazy is presented with Tim's commentary. At times he struggles with the simple task of just reading what is one screen which is half the fun, hearing him screw up every name in the news stories leaves me laughing hysterically. "A woman named.... oh fuck me.. Sha-sha-ckunasku- fuck it".  The fans of the show have been dubbed Freaky Deakies and I am proud to say I am one. This is one of the only podcasts that I have a paid subscription to, a "Sideshow" membership. The episodes run for about 30 minutes, episode with special Sideshow content run about 40 minutes.

Those are my favorites that I listen to daily. Do you have any others you like? I'd love to hear more recommendations.

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