Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas tea party

My best friend, and fellow lolita enthusiast, hosted a wonderful tea party for Christmas time today. The setting was Paris in a Cup in Orange. The whole setting was perfect, well almost... My friend, who put this whole thing together, could only stay for 10 minutes because her work had called her in for the duration of the tea party. She didn't get to enjoy it with us. She did of course graced us with her presence and promptly left for work before tea was served.

I wore Twinkle Journey for the party, please excuse my derpy face.... for most of the pictures. I've been getting over a horrible cold that left me huffing and sniffling during the party. I tired my best to hide how miserable I was dealing with it DX
My outfit rundown was this:
Skirt: Metamorphoze
Carthaginian: of brand
Hair band, rings(some), & shoes: Forever 21
Tights: awesome wool tights I bought at T.J. Max!!
The tea was amazing, it was a Christmas blend that has lovely flavors such as cinnamon. Ok, just so you know, I'm a huge Christmas fan, so when I saw the blend of tea I HAD to get it! I was so glad I did, I'll have to go back and get some more~
I added two cubes of brown sugar and was in heaven, it was such a beautiful red color. I just love Christmas time!
I ordered the Isabelle meal that came with scones, tea sandwiches, and soup! It was a lot of food (also expensive!!) It was so delicious, I forgot to snap a picture of my scone platter!
I snapped a picture of my friend's instead XD
That chocolate drink she had was really cute.
The meal was as good as it looked, The cucumber sandwich was so delicious. The soup was a potato soup with bacon bit on top. You can never go wrong with bacon.
During out delicious meal, carolers came in and sang classic Christmas songs for us.
They dressed in a vintage style and we all gushed over their bonnets!
After our meal, some girls bought dessert as well, 
...we devoured the beautiful and delicious dessert....
We moved the party outside to see the Christmas tree lighting ceremony but, it started raining terribly. A lot of us split up to find shelter and ultimately left for home. So many printed dresses had to avoid the rain! 
The day was wonderful none the less and was a memorable experience. I was so glad to see old friends and make new ones. It was a lot of fun! 

P.S. MY friend Sarah and I wore the same print! We where twinsies!


  1. I remember seeing you! I'm the girl who got in the way of your picture of the carollers (I'm sorry!! D:) with the IW jsk and brown cardi.
    I love your belt, by the way...very pretty!

  2. Cute outfit!! Now I wish I went, I just had to go out and get sick.... ;-;

  3. ...I've never seen bacon eaten in such a delicate and ladylike fashion, surely.