Monday, December 20, 2010

I hope you're all staying alive

Sorry for no updates for like forever, wow... lot of "for"'s in that sentence, felt like pointing that out lol
So finals are done and Christmas is in less than a week, oh lordie! Also, guess what, I got sick. yay. I've acutally been sick since November, it just hasn't gone away. I've gone to the doctors at least 5 times already, ugh. Hopefully it will go away soon.
In the mean time I've been relaxing at home watch Doctor Who while in my snuggie. Ahhhhh, bliss. Hawt David Tennant to soothe my aching.... everything!
Yes, I'm very excited for the upcoming Christmas special! lol

In other news, I got a new phone. I'm no longer using my iPhone 3G. I now have a Samsung Captivate. I just love it!

It's a pretty spiffy phone, it uses the Droid engine so it takes getting used to from an iPhone. My wallpaper is pretty awesome for it too.
HAH! I made it relate back to Doctor Who!! Ah let me here that collective groan lol
It was only fair because my friend has a Matt Smith Doctor wallpaper on her Samsung phone, we just have to match. She also suggested I name it TARDIS..... I did
lol sorry, this post just became very Doctor Who lol 
I'll post a better phone review after Christmas, I just need more time playing with it.


  1. Damn dude, that is a nice phone! I'd be too nervous to bust it out in fear of breaking or dropping it haha

  2. Mmm... David Tennant. I can't wait for the Christmas Special either :D

    It's a pretty sleek-looking phone but I don't think I can stand to use a touchscreen one XD