Friday, December 10, 2010

Lol oh vampires

Today was a fun eventful day, I got my nails done (finally) because I had the money. I went to OC Nail & Beauty I've been there before, I went for my birthday back in March. It was my first time getting acrylics and I ended up going all out for deco as well lol.
The place is really nice and you get pampered there, I really like it lol. I went simple though and just got pink acrylics and some deco flowers.
It was still pretty expensive but worth it, I love them. The ring finger has blue and white roses. Something simple and classic for Christmas time. I have to get used to it them again, I've been typing all dumb on WOW lol "sry gaiz, got my nailz did" "....just heal dammit"

Now onto my stupid title, actually watching Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust right now, I forgot how awesome this movie is. I started reading the novels again, they are just my favorite. *ahem* not to brag but... I recently found my signed copy of one of the mangas too. 
ANYWAYS, I just wanted to post a fun entry tonight, just before finals. When my portfolio is done, I'll share it :3


  1. I never got into Vampire Hunter D, but I'll give the movies a shot :D Your signed volume is pretty awesome. "To Bunny," hehe

  2. @butters: Try Bloodlust, it's really good, I always recommend VHD for anyone looking for a good fantasy horror.
    lol when I got my book signed by the manga artist on the creator, I had to write my name on a little card. When I handed it to them the artist looked at it for a sec and exclaimed in the cutest voice "Bunny!!"
    It was awesome lol

  3. Your nails look so cute! I love the little bit of deco on them.

    I wish there were local nail salons that did deco nails. I know there are some in the city but I can't be bothered travelling 40-60 minutes just to get my nails done XD