Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas GET!

Hi everyone! Back with a Christmas gloating GET post~
I only took pictures of a few things because I didn't actually want to gloat but share some cute stuff I got!
I got a Tarina Tarantino ring! I love it so much~ My brother got it for me (he kinda spoiled me this year lol)
It goes with basically everything I ware~
My BFF got me this art book from Tangled! It has art from Glen Keane and other artist I looooove.

Is that a Death Eater's wand from Harry Potter? You bet your sweet ass it is! My mum ordered it for me, my dad got Lucius Malory's cane that pulls out into a wand. This Christmas has been pretty dorky!

I got a bunch of other stuff that I didn't photograph, I plan to do reviews of some. One of them is a wig from Cosplay Wigs USA, and it restored my faith in them (yay!)

I also did a little of after Christmas shopping!
I ought this Juicy Couture fragrance set and I have to say I love it so far. I've been using Victoria Secret's Noir for a long time and I feel this replaces it!

My brother wanted to go to the mall (the day after Christmas!) and went with him to get this at Sephora! It's the Hello Kitty Say Hello palette! I absolutely love it! I've been exclusivity been wearing brown eye shadows for such a long time that I feel like I can't work with color (lol) so I bought the purple one. f there is interest I'll review it. The lipgloss colors are cute too, I can't wait to use them!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Inspiration of the Month: Dolly Kei

Back to your normally scheduled blog posts!

It sat on the back burner while I looked at other style inspirations and I'm now in love. I've always had a thing for antique jewelry and clothing.  Dolly Kei is just perfect

Not to be confused by it's cousin Mori Girl. Dolly kei focuses more on antique items and motifs with layering, rather than the dreamy forest girl look of Mori Girl. Also dolly kei has some gothic influences and looks that can really be pushed, which I just love!
This doesn't mean I'm leaving lolita at all, in fact I plan to ware it more often with dolly kei influences. I have a lot of hand my down items from my mum and nana that I adore but only wore when I was in hipster hobo looking mode (lol)

I find the mix of gothic lolita and dolly kei just perfect and elegant. Of course I'm still in the beginning stages so I'm in no position to give advice and tips lol.
I will link my favorite places where I learned more:
F Yeah Lolita's article on Dolly style and gothic lolita
Strange Girl, a dolly kei blog

Last but not least, I wanted to share these amazing looking hair clips I'm getting for Christmas!
They are Kudu horn clips from Miss Monster! They are coming in that color too. I'll do a review once it's after Christmas~


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Illustration Project: The Phantom's mask

This week I just have an emotion chart. I was hoping to complete a turn around but I'm still working on kinks of his design. He's turning out well though but it's still a struggle, I've been bitching on my twitter. The fact I got skyrim doesn't help as well lol

The biggest struggle I had was making him still express emotions with a full face mask. I decided to cartoon it a bit and make his mask express emotions because, hell he's an illusionist!
Still a lot more to do though, I also want to start on a personal project soon, ugh so much I need to do!

As for lolita, I'm sorry I post lolita stuff soon!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Illustration Project: The Phantom sketches

I got my final assignment for Story Illustration at school. I got to choose the character I'm illustrating and I chose The Phantom (or Erick).
This damn project is so involved and I missed two classes for being sick (urg) so this journal is going to be hijacked by mu progress work. Today I just have a few concept sketches.
Btw, I'm making him steam punkish because everyone in class felt he needed it from my description (crazy, amazing singer, smart as hell, illusionist, architect, ect)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back from Hiatus

I'm so sorry everybody who still reads this blog!
I went on an unannounced hiatus to get myself situated. Expect some changes, nothing big and dramatic. Things that are changing I guess is that I'm transitioning to be more hard core gothic lolita if that makes sense lol
I'm currently selling 99% of my sweet lolita stuff. (Keeping Twinkle Journey dammit!)
That means that I'm most likely gonna change the layout to be more gothic and less.....cute....

Aslo hopefully posting more art since I'm an illustration student now (finally!) I've made some cool images over these few months. I'll be spamming you guys with my arts when I hook up my printer.

In awesome news, I'll have a table at PMX selling my art. So if you want to come and say hi and totally buy a commission from me. I promise I don't bite! <3 I'll post something later tonight saying where I will be and ART! till nest time


Tuesday, July 19, 2011


No, I'm not talking about the currency in Kingdom Hearts.Photobucket I'm talking about the customize able vinyl toys from KidRobot. Much like the extremely awesome Dunnys, only you make the art yourself.>Photobucket
Yes, this is why I've been shying away from my blog because I've been slaving away at my desk with all my Munny figures.Photobucket
It all started at AX when I was at the Dick Blick booth. WALLS of Munny figures!Photobucket
I only left with two Trikkys (the cat ones) since it was the last day and I still wanted to buy a shit ton of copics!
I'm addicted and I got my brother and roommates addicted as well.Photobucket We've all been painting a bunch this past week. I've been posting pics on my tumblr and my resurrected Deviantart! Here are some I've done and taken pictures of.Photobucket
Gloomy Bear Kitty
Bloody Cat-girl Trikky
Doodle Raffi
I gave the first one to my brother and the other two are on my desk.Photobucket

I promise to post the Anime Expo photos I tool, though they are few. I also promise to post about AX soon, just reaaaaly lazy and addicted to Munnys lol Photobucket


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Last minute post

Hey everyone, I wanted to do a quick update to let you know I'm still alive!
It's is the eve of AX and I've been packing like crazy. I wanted so bad to do a GET post on my new circle lenses but I'll do it after AX. I just got so busy this week.

I'm going all 4 days and wearing various lolita including Twinkle Journey, my red classic BODYLINE jsk, and unicorn gothic lolita for a My Little Pony meetup. was a last minute decision  since my Rarity cosplay won't be complete.
I'd love to see any of you there if you're going.
I took my pain med so I'm gonna pass out for tonight.

see y'all!


Monday, June 20, 2011

Fairy-tale meet and GET post

Hallo, back and ready to post some photos and such!Photobucket
I've been trying to get around to posting but I've been super lazy. So this is a combined post of a bunch of things that went on these past few weeks.Photobucket First my friend's had their grand opening of their shop Amber and TopazPhotobucket They are a second hand lolita shop located in Orange. They are actually right across from Paris in a Cup.Photobucket The grand opening was held at the tea house. I decided to go in gothic, I hadn't worn full gothic lolita in a bit and I was missing it.Photobucket
Outfit rundown
Blouse & belt: Torrid
Skirt: Fan + Friend
Tights, shoes, & rosary: hand me downs and of brand

There was also a raffle held, I ended up winning one of the prizes~Photobucket
Pink and chocolate stripes knee socks. A little too sweet for my wardrobePhotobucket but I have been secretly wanting to do an outfit with a pink JSK and a chocolate brown blouse!
As well as winning those socks I bought a hand made cameo necklace.Photobucket
I love it, it's not cheap looking or feeling at all! There are more colors than black. They are really beautiful.Photobucket

The very next day was the Fairy-tale meetup in Buena Park. I had little time for rest!Photobucket
My outfit theme was beauty and the beast, I wore a classic lolita outfit and brought my dog Kwazi as the beast. We had so much fun, Kwazi enjoyed getting spoiled by me and playing with the other dogs.Photobucket
Credit for the photo goes to http://www.laphotonet.comPhotobucket
The whole event was so fun, the swap meet also had a lot to offer. I bought a pair of black wrist cuffs that I thought where AP ones. They where actually hand made!Photobucket
They'll go well with my Twinkle Journey coord~
Speaking of unicorns, Legend is on and I'm gonna watch the rest.