Monday, January 24, 2011

To circle lens or not to

I'm a creature of trends, I mostly jump in late. I spent last night looking at circle lenses, debating with myself if I should buy a pair. I've been wanting some for a while but just never felt I should buy them....

I just need some advice from my friends and readers. I was thinking green, I love green eyes. Mine are naturally hazel.
Picture is a couple months old but I didn't feel like taking a photo of my tired ass self right now. It's 10am, I don't normally wake up before 12!!
Should I buy them or should I save my eyes from possible blindness? 'cause I don't want to go blind ):<


  1. Circle lenses seem kind of excessive to me, and most I've seen don't look very natural in terms of color (which is fine I suppose). Plus, your eye color's already pretty!

  2. awwe, thank you! I was looking at my photo and I already have large eyes. I might just get colored lenses for cosplay rather than lolita and gyaru

  3. The first thing to do is get an eye exam, get your eye measurements and make sure you're ok to wear contacts. Most circle lenses I've seen come in a standard base curve of 14.6, so if you're within .1 of that measurement, there's no reason you should go blind. ^-^ If you're looking for a pair of natural looking green lenses, that even have a golden color in the middle to blend with your natural eye, I'd recommend the GEO "Tri-color / World / Nature" (has many names >.<); I've done a review of them in my blog. If you want a bright, unnatural green for cosplay and special occasion wear, the EOS "Candy Magic / Candy Doll / Barbie King" series looks really cute! Here's a review of those:

    Your natural eyes are pretty, everyone's are. It's just fun to try new looks, same with makeup and clothes. :)