Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentines meet

I meant to post this sooner but I became VERY distracted..... I fixed my external hard drive and been marathoning Sailor Moon lol.Photobucket
My BBFL Kiyoki39 hosted a lovely meet at Paris in a Cup in Orange.Photobucket I was really excited the entire month until the meet, I even hand made Valentines for the girls, though I started to get crazy at 4am working on them lol.Photobucket
I woke up early to get ready, something I rarely do.... I just don't do mornings!Photobucket
Blouse: Off brand from Torrid
Cardigan: off brand
Bag (pictured later): BODYLINE
Tights: Off brand wool tights
Shoes: Pleaser 
Accessories: Off brand and hand me downs
My makeup for the meet, I wore 3 pairs of fake lashes!
Also did my nails, glue on ones I bought from CVS! They lasted quite a while actually, I love them~
I was so happy to see my friends chilling outside the parlor, I've missed them so much! Instantly we where loud and lively.Photobucket

My lovely waifu Sarah and I making duck faces. We are co cool!!Photobucket
She was also nice enough to photo bomb me as well!!Photobucket
Inside we all started exchanging valentines inside the parlor. Kiyoki39 was awesome enough to have bags made so we can hold out valentines in them at the tables.Photobucket 
The food was very delicious, unfortunately my photos of them didn't turn out Photobucket

Later on cakes where brought out, the meetup was also for the girls who birthdays where in February. There where 3 cakes total for the 3 girls, it was really sweet.
The packages where also gifts for the girls. The chocolate cake was DELICIOUS btw.Photobucket

The day was absolutely lovely, and of course it wasn't a complete day with out Doctor Who dorkyness.Photobucket
My Sonic Screw Driver was on my key ring, I didn't bring my bigger model Photobucket
I have more photos from the meet here at my Flickr.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentines at school

Even if I had plans, I couldn't do anything for Valentines day.Photobucket Mondays I'm at school from 3 to 10 pm, and on Valentines I had a test to study for! So I did the only sensible thing I could, dress in lolita!Photobucket

Blouse: Off brand I bought from Torrid
Vest: Also from Torrid
Skirt: Metamorphose
Tights: Found them in room, don't know when or where I got them
Shoes: Off brand heels I originally got for my high school prom! 
Hair Bow: bought at H&M
Accessories: my "haunted cameo" and random forever 21 bracelet

Basically the day of Valentines was pretty boring. The days around it where quite fun!Photobucket Sunday at my work, one of my managers made us radioactive cupcakes.Photobucket "Radioactive cupcakes?" yes, they where neon green with neon pink frosting or neon pink with neon green frosting.
My camera is not exaggerating the color, it was that AMAZING!
Yesterday, I got my art history paper back, it was on an ancient Geek statue, the paper that I HATED writing. I got it back with an A! Pretty sweet~Photobucket
I went out to one of my favorite eateries to celebrate. It's a Japanese restaurant a block away from my house. They make good eel bowls.
It's a chain called Maki Yaki, not authentic Japanese but still yummy.  
I started to nom it before taking a picture, I got a little excited XD
So much yum!Photobucket

Whats also cool is I got a emulator for my cellphone (The TARDIS lol) so now it can play snes games. INSTANTLY I got Sailor Moon RPG for it. I'm in nerd girl heaven.Photobucket I've loved this show since I was a kid. I really need to fix my external hard drive so I can watch more!
 I also thought it was time to use cutesy graphics in my blog so theres a bunch of Sailor Moon ones!! I also changed the layout, the background is also from Sailor Moon, it's so cute!Photobucket

Well, I finally have groceries in the house so I'm going to go make dinner. Yaki soba noodles are calling me. mmmmmmmPhotobucket


Monday, February 14, 2011

Have a happy valentines

I hope you all are having a great valentines, I'm in classes all day so I can't whip anything up for you guys. So here's a Doctor Who valentine done in the Simpsons art style!
Happy valentines to all my readers! I love you! *kissy face*

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lolita Meme time

This one has been floating around and I actually did it on my personal blog a while ago. Why not do it again since I guess some of my opinions, styles and interests have changed over time. It'll be fun to do this and look back onto my old one and see the changes.

1. Best Lolita fashion advice you've ever received?
Follow basic rules of fashion and put away those damn cat ears! I was so happy to learn the differences of gothic lolita and cosplay animu rori.  Theres a big difference between a nicely thought out coord for lolita and a cheap mess with cat ears and a mini skirt. People will take you a little more seriously though not much, you are wearing petticoats and bloomers still.

2. Style icons?I don't have any lolita celebrities I follow, besides some Daily Lolita girls I like and get inspired from.  There are a few people I love and inspired me to stay and keep doing lolita.

Of course Mana! I can't be a gothic lolita with out SOME inspiration from him!  Well, I'm not the horrifying hard core fangirl I used to be (thank god!) but I still look to him for inspiration.  He just bleeds dark gothic romance and mystery, things I just love. Tough I'm not slapping on pounds of pale foundation and panting on blue lipstick. I am looking at his outfits and incorporating things I like, such as lace pantie hoes under stockings. It's also cool that I got to meet him, I nearly had a heart attack!

Lady Gaga
Love her or hate her, Lady Gaga has some unique style. Now I don't see her covered in meat and think "Get the car! We're going to the butchers. I have my next coord idea!" But she inspires me to be my unique self and not to care what others think. She does make a cute lolita, though she's does it a little wrong.

I love drag queens and RuPaul is just amazing! Loud and fabulous, she's not afraid to be herself and strut out in a larger than life wig and towering over everyone else.  Yes, RuPaul's Drag Race has to be one of my favorite shows, it almost tops Doctor Who. I don't take literal style tips from her, like Mana but take the ideal to be your fabulous self! that uniqueness, nerve, and talent!

The Doctor
Because bow ties are cool....

Ok I'm kidding, but he does have some unique style. I'd also like to roll up to a lolita meet in a TARDIS.

3. Describe your personal style.
Classic gothic lolita I guess, I love black and romantic gothic. I have a few sweet items but they have black! Romance and dark colors are my theme, along with classical feels with unicorns. hah hah 
I'm not a pastel pink kind of girl, unless it's a classical look... then maybe...

4. Favorite designers/brands?
moi meme moitie, Metamorphose, BTSSB, AatP, some Angelic Pretty, H Naoto, and Putumayo

5. Most cherished items?
Twinkle Journey I think, I just love that skirt. The print is amazing and I like how it looks on me. It's also my first brand that I pre-ordered.

6. Most used item?
My black BODYLINE cat by the window dress. It's classic, sweet, and casual all in one!

7. I feel best wearing?
Fake lashes! I mean leggings or tights, I have an obsession with them!

8. The first thing I look for in another Lolita's outfit...
How it's fitted and the skirt shape. Girls, don't squish yourself in a dress! It shows man, also find a good chiffon petticoat nice poof :3

9. Lolita Fashion rule you never break?
Skirt shape, skirt shape, skirt shape. It always hast to bell shape for me, I will double layer petticoats to get the desired shape.

10. Never caught wearing?
OTT sweet, I will do sweet, I will not be super powdery pink uguu bonnet and pinks wigs sweet. nooooooo nope nope nope

11. Dress to impress who?
Gentlemen, they flock at my petticoats. OK not, I dress for myself.

12. Your next "must have" purchase?
The black bustle skirt from Fan + Friend. Everyone knows what I'm talking about lol

13. Favorite type of head accessory?
Bows, roses, lace! I just love all hair accessories really.

14. Favorite cut of clothing (shirring, high waist, princess seams etc)?
Shirring, bewbs need to fit and hour glass shaped dresses. They are rare but I love them!

15. Current obsession?
Even when I'm doing a gyaru or casual, i'm in school, look with a shirt skirt I'm wearing leggings. I LOVE THEM UUUUGHHHH!!

16. Best Lolita fashion advice you can give to anyone:
Dress to your body type and listen to the damn rules! They are there for a reason!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trying to stay creative

I tend to get a little bored at work if it's a slow night in box office. I was fortunate enough to get some blank tickets from the printer. Equipped with my trusty pen, I went to work doodling! This is only two nights work of doodles.

My manager those nights was pretty chill with my doodling. I even met a cool graphic designer who gave me his card. I made up my own out of a blank ticket XD
Getting paid to doodle.... hell yeah!