Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentines at school

Even if I had plans, I couldn't do anything for Valentines day.Photobucket Mondays I'm at school from 3 to 10 pm, and on Valentines I had a test to study for! So I did the only sensible thing I could, dress in lolita!Photobucket

Blouse: Off brand I bought from Torrid
Vest: Also from Torrid
Skirt: Metamorphose
Tights: Found them in room, don't know when or where I got them
Shoes: Off brand heels I originally got for my high school prom! 
Hair Bow: bought at H&M
Accessories: my "haunted cameo" and random forever 21 bracelet

Basically the day of Valentines was pretty boring. The days around it where quite fun!Photobucket Sunday at my work, one of my managers made us radioactive cupcakes.Photobucket "Radioactive cupcakes?" yes, they where neon green with neon pink frosting or neon pink with neon green frosting.
My camera is not exaggerating the color, it was that AMAZING!
Yesterday, I got my art history paper back, it was on an ancient Geek statue, the paper that I HATED writing. I got it back with an A! Pretty sweet~Photobucket
I went out to one of my favorite eateries to celebrate. It's a Japanese restaurant a block away from my house. They make good eel bowls.
It's a chain called Maki Yaki, not authentic Japanese but still yummy.  
I started to nom it before taking a picture, I got a little excited XD
So much yum!Photobucket

Whats also cool is I got a emulator for my cellphone (The TARDIS lol) so now it can play snes games. INSTANTLY I got Sailor Moon RPG for it. I'm in nerd girl heaven.Photobucket I've loved this show since I was a kid. I really need to fix my external hard drive so I can watch more!
 I also thought it was time to use cutesy graphics in my blog so theres a bunch of Sailor Moon ones!! I also changed the layout, the background is also from Sailor Moon, it's so cute!Photobucket

Well, I finally have groceries in the house so I'm going to go make dinner. Yaki soba noodles are calling me. mmmmmmmPhotobucket



  1. About the most exciting thing that happened for my Valentine's day was Farmville on facebook. XD (They had some pretty cool decorations, in my defense.) That cupcake is pretty amazing, though.

  2. Love your outfit! I never knew Sailor Moon had an RPG lol

  3. Love the SM graphics! Now excuse me while I go find myself that Sailor Moon RPG! :)