Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Valentines meet

I meant to post this sooner but I became VERY distracted..... I fixed my external hard drive and been marathoning Sailor Moon lol.Photobucket
My BBFL Kiyoki39 hosted a lovely meet at Paris in a Cup in Orange.Photobucket I was really excited the entire month until the meet, I even hand made Valentines for the girls, though I started to get crazy at 4am working on them lol.Photobucket
I woke up early to get ready, something I rarely do.... I just don't do mornings!Photobucket
Blouse: Off brand from Torrid
Cardigan: off brand
Bag (pictured later): BODYLINE
Tights: Off brand wool tights
Shoes: Pleaser 
Accessories: Off brand and hand me downs
My makeup for the meet, I wore 3 pairs of fake lashes!
Also did my nails, glue on ones I bought from CVS! They lasted quite a while actually, I love them~
I was so happy to see my friends chilling outside the parlor, I've missed them so much! Instantly we where loud and lively.Photobucket

My lovely waifu Sarah and I making duck faces. We are co cool!!Photobucket
She was also nice enough to photo bomb me as well!!Photobucket
Inside we all started exchanging valentines inside the parlor. Kiyoki39 was awesome enough to have bags made so we can hold out valentines in them at the tables.Photobucket 
The food was very delicious, unfortunately my photos of them didn't turn out Photobucket

Later on cakes where brought out, the meetup was also for the girls who birthdays where in February. There where 3 cakes total for the 3 girls, it was really sweet.
The packages where also gifts for the girls. The chocolate cake was DELICIOUS btw.Photobucket

The day was absolutely lovely, and of course it wasn't a complete day with out Doctor Who dorkyness.Photobucket
My Sonic Screw Driver was on my key ring, I didn't bring my bigger model Photobucket
I have more photos from the meet here at my Flickr.



  1. You guys are all cute..and had cute food to match. I want cake now, grr!

    Those nails are super cute, I need to go check out some drug store nails so I can get into the habit of having long ones...

  2. 1. Your outfit is hella cute
    2. It was so nice of you to make everyone Valentines!
    3. Not a Dr. Who fan, but those Sonic Screw Drivers are way awesome.

    Overall, I'm seriously jealous I didn't get on the list (I didn't make the waiting list either LOL).

  3. awww Butters DX
    Hopefully theres another meet next month for my birthday... because I'm so egotistical I want to do a meet for my birthday XD