Friday, March 4, 2011

Banner time!

Hey! Long time no see~!Photobucket
Sorry, I've just been very uneventful for the past week. I did make a banner, it's silly just like me and this blog.Photobucket
Actually, I've been quite uninspired lately. I don't have the effort to draw anything though I've been given a lot of ideas. I just have no motivation. Maybe if I make a list of things I need to draw I can push myself a little bit more.  These are some things that have been requested and popped in my head.Photobucket
-The 11th Doctor as a Blue Lantern
-The adventures of Sailor Pluto and the Doctor
-Circus Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon (been watching a lot of SupersS lately)
-Sailor Moon lolita coords

Anything seems interesting to you guys? I'm just so meh about my art right now, it sucks /emo Photobucket

Other than that I've been selling things I don't need or use anymore (like my complete series of MARS) to build up a small lolita fund for a shopping spree!!Photobucket hopefully I find people who like my old manga collections lol


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