Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sketch Dump

I'm overdue for a sketch dump. I finally busted out my scanner but, I think I need a new one. It scans things with a pinkish tone....

It's hella frustrating uploading images and not wanting them to stack in a line. ARG WHY U ANGER ME!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Inspiring arts

Sorry for that month long unannounced hiatus.Photobucket I just took a month off to do whatever, not worrying about what to blog about. Buuuut... I'm back!Photobucket ANND I noticed I have some more readers, I'd like to officially say WELCOME!Photobucket
As my title has stated, I got hit by a truck of inspiration, I've been painting like a mad woman lately. But this post isn't about them, It's about my visit to the Getty museums! Yes, thats right MUSEUMS. I went to both the Getty Center AND Villa. For anyone not on the west coast, or just never hears about them. The Getty is a museum in LA county that have some amazing works of art. The Center has many art from the middle ages to modern art. The Getty Villa is filled with Etruscan, Greek, and Roman art. The entire museum is made to look like a Greek villa. With my obsession with Greek and roman mythology, I was drooling over the art.Photobucket
I had my camera on my and snapped a whole ton of photos. I posted them on my flickr,Photobucket here
Here are some highlights~
Getty Center:
I'm in love with the god Hermes/Mercury.Photobucket I snapped pictures of all the sculptures I could find of him. I have a sculpture obsession right now. 
Ares and Venus in a loving embrace Photobucket
I have a poster of this in my room, it's my favorite painting.Photobucket To see it with it's actual frame was amazing. I didn't know the whole thing (including the frame) was so breath taking!
close up
Getty Villa:

One of the last surviving Greek bronzePhotobucket Victorious Youth, he was found in the ocean.
Actual gold wreath *_*

Took a few panorama images, this was one of the amazing fountains.

Me looking cool at the garden
I plan on going again in lolita, because thats what cool kids do. I had such a great time, I love ancient art. It's so cheesy to say how much I love the art but I do dammit.Photobucket
Now to go back to my Art History paper.....Photobucket