Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Classic Lolita day and Circle lenses review

Earlier today I went out in a classic lolita getup. I finally bought something that wasn't all blackPhotobucket
It was also my first time going out all day with my new circle lenses. YesPhotobucket I finally got a pair, but I'm so paranoid about my eyes that I took them out in the middle of seeing a movie at the theater because it had been 8 hours lol. Photobucket
I'll talk more about them at the end of this postPhotobucket

Today I went and hung out with my BFF Caitlin to have sushi and a total be fashionable day!Photobucket I also got a new pair of shoes from Forever 21 that went with my dress.Photobucket
Outfit rundownPhotobucket
Blouse and JSK: BODYLINE
Headband: Innocent World
Tights and belt: Off brand
Bag: Juicy CouturePhotobucket
Shoes and bracelet: Forever 21
Wig: Cosplay wigs USA

Here's a closeup of my makeup and circle lenses. I look so dolly!Photobucket

Basically my day was spent chilling at Fashion Island looking through the boutiques. I fell in love with a Betsey Johnson skirt and pair of shoes.Photobucket Allas! I'm saving monies for AX.Photobucket

Here are the shoes I bought at Forever 21, they are sooo cute! Also my first pair of non-black heels that I fell in love with!Photobucket
Now for the circle lenses, I bought them from pinkyparadise.comPhotobucket
I got the Big Dm23 Violet, they looked like this when they came in the little jars.
They have a faint purple that blends out. I didn't get good close up pictures for a before and after but I have two pictures on separate occasions when I was wearing very similar outfits.
Here I am without Circle lenses
Here I am with them!Photobucket
The enlarging effect is really noticeable! And they are super comfortable for my first contact lenses. I plan on getting some more and I'll do more detailed reviews later on.
Thats it for tonight!Photobucket



  1. I loved hanging out with you today too! Those lenses are bomb! :D They were so cute upclose. They totally poped in the purikura.

  2. You looked so incredibly cute that day!!! *w*!!! I wish I could see a bigger picture of you and the lenses! >w< I knew purple would look amazing on you. ^^

  3. ooh those are some really really cute heels!

  4. Thank you guys :3 I just ordered two more pairs of circle lenses. A red and a green pair, I'm hooked XD