Tuesday, July 19, 2011


No, I'm not talking about the currency in Kingdom Hearts.Photobucket I'm talking about the customize able vinyl toys from KidRobot. Much like the extremely awesome Dunnys, only you make the art yourself.>Photobucket
Yes, this is why I've been shying away from my blog because I've been slaving away at my desk with all my Munny figures.Photobucket
It all started at AX when I was at the Dick Blick booth. WALLS of Munny figures!Photobucket
I only left with two Trikkys (the cat ones) since it was the last day and I still wanted to buy a shit ton of copics!
I'm addicted and I got my brother and roommates addicted as well.Photobucket We've all been painting a bunch this past week. I've been posting pics on my tumblr and my resurrected Deviantart! Here are some I've done and taken pictures of.Photobucket
Gloomy Bear Kitty
Bloody Cat-girl Trikky
Doodle Raffi
I gave the first one to my brother and the other two are on my desk.Photobucket

I promise to post the Anime Expo photos I tool, though they are few. I also promise to post about AX soon, just reaaaaly lazy and addicted to Munnys lol Photobucket