Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back from Hiatus

I'm so sorry everybody who still reads this blog!
I went on an unannounced hiatus to get myself situated. Expect some changes, nothing big and dramatic. Things that are changing I guess is that I'm transitioning to be more hard core gothic lolita if that makes sense lol
I'm currently selling 99% of my sweet lolita stuff. (Keeping Twinkle Journey dammit!)
That means that I'm most likely gonna change the layout to be more gothic and less.....cute....

Aslo hopefully posting more art since I'm an illustration student now (finally!) I've made some cool images over these few months. I'll be spamming you guys with my arts when I hook up my printer.

In awesome news, I'll have a table at PMX selling my art. So if you want to come and say hi and totally buy a commission from me. I promise I don't bite! <3 I'll post something later tonight saying where I will be and ART! till nest time



  1. Welcome back, I missed your posts :)

  2. aww thank you
    It's good to know I'm not waisting away into obscurity