Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas GET!

Hi everyone! Back with a Christmas gloating GET post~
I only took pictures of a few things because I didn't actually want to gloat but share some cute stuff I got!
I got a Tarina Tarantino ring! I love it so much~ My brother got it for me (he kinda spoiled me this year lol)
It goes with basically everything I ware~
My BFF got me this art book from Tangled! It has art from Glen Keane and other artist I looooove.

Is that a Death Eater's wand from Harry Potter? You bet your sweet ass it is! My mum ordered it for me, my dad got Lucius Malory's cane that pulls out into a wand. This Christmas has been pretty dorky!

I got a bunch of other stuff that I didn't photograph, I plan to do reviews of some. One of them is a wig from Cosplay Wigs USA, and it restored my faith in them (yay!)

I also did a little of after Christmas shopping!
I ought this Juicy Couture fragrance set and I have to say I love it so far. I've been using Victoria Secret's Noir for a long time and I feel this replaces it!

My brother wanted to go to the mall (the day after Christmas!) and went with him to get this at Sephora! It's the Hello Kitty Say Hello palette! I absolutely love it! I've been exclusivity been wearing brown eye shadows for such a long time that I feel like I can't work with color (lol) so I bought the purple one. f there is interest I'll review it. The lipgloss colors are cute too, I can't wait to use them!


Monday, December 19, 2011

Inspiration of the Month: Dolly Kei

Back to your normally scheduled blog posts!

It sat on the back burner while I looked at other style inspirations and I'm now in love. I've always had a thing for antique jewelry and clothing.  Dolly Kei is just perfect

Not to be confused by it's cousin Mori Girl. Dolly kei focuses more on antique items and motifs with layering, rather than the dreamy forest girl look of Mori Girl. Also dolly kei has some gothic influences and looks that can really be pushed, which I just love!
This doesn't mean I'm leaving lolita at all, in fact I plan to ware it more often with dolly kei influences. I have a lot of hand my down items from my mum and nana that I adore but only wore when I was in hipster hobo looking mode (lol)

I find the mix of gothic lolita and dolly kei just perfect and elegant. Of course I'm still in the beginning stages so I'm in no position to give advice and tips lol.
I will link my favorite places where I learned more:
F Yeah Lolita's article on Dolly style and gothic lolita
Strange Girl, a dolly kei blog

Last but not least, I wanted to share these amazing looking hair clips I'm getting for Christmas!
They are Kudu horn clips from Miss Monster! They are coming in that color too. I'll do a review once it's after Christmas~