Monday, March 14, 2011

I got a dog! er... another dog

I kinda disappeared sorry about that lolPhotobucket
Actually, last Friday we got another puppy, we rescued an Italian Greyhound named Max! If you're my Facebook friend then you noticed me spamming about him lolPhotobucket
He's 7 months old and he's a lovely red and white color.
Here he is cuddling me, he's so cute!Photobucket
We currently have another dog as well, he's a year old Shih Tzu named Kwazi. Aka our pet Ewok 
lol talk about an odd couple! I've never seen two different looking dogs in one house before!Photobucket
This recent Friday we got Max a little hoodie because he gets cold easier. It's so cute!Photobucket
Max! get off your grass patch! Thats for potty business not chillaxing!!Photobucket
He's so cute
Well, tomorrow I have to ship out a package and pick up another one. Eventful, eventful...Photobucket


Friday, March 4, 2011

Banner time!

Hey! Long time no see~!Photobucket
Sorry, I've just been very uneventful for the past week. I did make a banner, it's silly just like me and this blog.Photobucket
Actually, I've been quite uninspired lately. I don't have the effort to draw anything though I've been given a lot of ideas. I just have no motivation. Maybe if I make a list of things I need to draw I can push myself a little bit more.  These are some things that have been requested and popped in my head.Photobucket
-The 11th Doctor as a Blue Lantern
-The adventures of Sailor Pluto and the Doctor
-Circus Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon (been watching a lot of SupersS lately)
-Sailor Moon lolita coords

Anything seems interesting to you guys? I'm just so meh about my art right now, it sucks /emo Photobucket

Other than that I've been selling things I don't need or use anymore (like my complete series of MARS) to build up a small lolita fund for a shopping spree!!Photobucket hopefully I find people who like my old manga collections lol