Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm going to Anime Expo y'all

It has been decided that I am indeed going to AX this year! woo hoo!! I don't have an Artist Alley table though ): It's just so expensive and I don't have a whole lot to sell. I'd rather just run around in lolita and hang out with my bros lol
If any of you are going, I'd love to meet up or even hang out for a bit. I'll even doodle you something upon request lol.
I'm going all 4 days and staying at one of the hotels, I'm so excited.

I have nothing else to update really, I've been working like crazy to have money for AX. My life has beeb work lately lol I do update my tumblr often with arts and stupid things if you would like to check that out. I'm if you let me know you're tumblr name, I'll totally follow you as well~
I did post an art update on it, here is a digital sketch-painting I'm working on.
It's still in a beginning process, it's going to get bettah. Also, she's gonna have bunny ears, she's a Viera. I just love them~

Today was a lot of fun actually, I've been helping my brother out with our crazy-hyper dogs and walking them. He rewarded me with a designer bag I got to pick out. I originally was going to get a Coach bag but I fell in love with this Juicy Couture bag.
It has everything I love for a bag too! The right shape, embroidery with cute things, the inside hold all me needs, and it has a BOW! It's on the left but it's hard to see. You'll see more pictures of me with this bag lol
This was really sweet of my brother, I'm really grateful!

Well, I just got back from working out and I'm sore and tired as hell. Imma pass out now.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Movie Review: The Possession of David O'Reilly

I'm kinda stepping back to one of the reasons I launched this blog, review shit! Oh, that doesn't sound professional at all...
One of my big passions, besides lolita and makeup, is horror movies. Now, when people think of horror movies today they think of the Saw movies and Hostel. Actually those films are a bit far from actual horror movies. They are part of a genre called Gorno or Gore Porno, or Splatter Films. The sole reason you go to see these films is for the gore, they are advertised for the gore. Just getting that out of the way, I'm a horror snob.

The Possession of David O'Reilly is a British independent horror film. I first heard about it from a paranormal and horror movie image board. After viewing the trailer, I was ready to dive in.

A horror movie with freakish monsters!? I'm in!
The plot is centered around a young couple living in a small flat, a friend of theirs suddenly shows up in the middle of the night distraught. He soon reveals that his girlfriend has been cheating on him and he has photo evidence. Later that night he is left alone and in a paranoid state and he periodically checks the windows. A grotesque figure that is quickly shuffling towards the door. 
Throughout the movie the small cast is trying desperately to find out what is going on. The viewer is left trying to figure out if these monsters are real or not. The ending is an actual surprise but answers our questions with more questions and abruptly ends. 
The plot is basic and a bit shaky at points, there are things brought up in the film that don't get answered. The acting is amazing and the suspense builds up fast. As for direction, the camera goes from third person to first person at certain points, too much in fact. The monsters where my favorite, disturbing and horrifying; I only wish they weren't always shrouded in darkness. They gave a great Silent Hill feel to the film.
Overall it's fun to watch if you're demon or monster fan but don't hold high hopes for the plot. I actually got sad because I was left wanting so much more from the film. I can only hope for a sequel.