Thursday, June 30, 2011

Last minute post

Hey everyone, I wanted to do a quick update to let you know I'm still alive!
It's is the eve of AX and I've been packing like crazy. I wanted so bad to do a GET post on my new circle lenses but I'll do it after AX. I just got so busy this week.

I'm going all 4 days and wearing various lolita including Twinkle Journey, my red classic BODYLINE jsk, and unicorn gothic lolita for a My Little Pony meetup. was a last minute decision  since my Rarity cosplay won't be complete.
I'd love to see any of you there if you're going.
I took my pain med so I'm gonna pass out for tonight.

see y'all!


Monday, June 20, 2011

Fairy-tale meet and GET post

Hallo, back and ready to post some photos and such!Photobucket
I've been trying to get around to posting but I've been super lazy. So this is a combined post of a bunch of things that went on these past few weeks.Photobucket First my friend's had their grand opening of their shop Amber and TopazPhotobucket They are a second hand lolita shop located in Orange. They are actually right across from Paris in a Cup.Photobucket The grand opening was held at the tea house. I decided to go in gothic, I hadn't worn full gothic lolita in a bit and I was missing it.Photobucket
Outfit rundown
Blouse & belt: Torrid
Skirt: Fan + Friend
Tights, shoes, & rosary: hand me downs and of brand

There was also a raffle held, I ended up winning one of the prizes~Photobucket
Pink and chocolate stripes knee socks. A little too sweet for my wardrobePhotobucket but I have been secretly wanting to do an outfit with a pink JSK and a chocolate brown blouse!
As well as winning those socks I bought a hand made cameo necklace.Photobucket
I love it, it's not cheap looking or feeling at all! There are more colors than black. They are really beautiful.Photobucket

The very next day was the Fairy-tale meetup in Buena Park. I had little time for rest!Photobucket
My outfit theme was beauty and the beast, I wore a classic lolita outfit and brought my dog Kwazi as the beast. We had so much fun, Kwazi enjoyed getting spoiled by me and playing with the other dogs.Photobucket
Credit for the photo goes to http://www.laphotonet.comPhotobucket
The whole event was so fun, the swap meet also had a lot to offer. I bought a pair of black wrist cuffs that I thought where AP ones. They where actually hand made!Photobucket
They'll go well with my Twinkle Journey coord~
Speaking of unicorns, Legend is on and I'm gonna watch the rest.


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Classic Lolita day and Circle lenses review

Earlier today I went out in a classic lolita getup. I finally bought something that wasn't all blackPhotobucket
It was also my first time going out all day with my new circle lenses. YesPhotobucket I finally got a pair, but I'm so paranoid about my eyes that I took them out in the middle of seeing a movie at the theater because it had been 8 hours lol. Photobucket
I'll talk more about them at the end of this postPhotobucket

Today I went and hung out with my BFF Caitlin to have sushi and a total be fashionable day!Photobucket I also got a new pair of shoes from Forever 21 that went with my dress.Photobucket
Outfit rundownPhotobucket
Blouse and JSK: BODYLINE
Headband: Innocent World
Tights and belt: Off brand
Bag: Juicy CouturePhotobucket
Shoes and bracelet: Forever 21
Wig: Cosplay wigs USA

Here's a closeup of my makeup and circle lenses. I look so dolly!Photobucket

Basically my day was spent chilling at Fashion Island looking through the boutiques. I fell in love with a Betsey Johnson skirt and pair of shoes.Photobucket Allas! I'm saving monies for AX.Photobucket

Here are the shoes I bought at Forever 21, they are sooo cute! Also my first pair of non-black heels that I fell in love with!Photobucket
Now for the circle lenses, I bought them from pinkyparadise.comPhotobucket
I got the Big Dm23 Violet, they looked like this when they came in the little jars.
They have a faint purple that blends out. I didn't get good close up pictures for a before and after but I have two pictures on separate occasions when I was wearing very similar outfits.
Here I am without Circle lenses
Here I am with them!Photobucket
The enlarging effect is really noticeable! And they are super comfortable for my first contact lenses. I plan on getting some more and I'll do more detailed reviews later on.
Thats it for tonight!Photobucket