Thursday, January 19, 2012

Inspiration of the Month: Sailor Moon

I know what some are thinking, " I thought you where trying to go full on goth? Sailor Moon is cutesy!"
Well, I've loved this damn series since I was a kid; and hell, I am Usagi!

I'm going through my craze again since I've started reading the re-released manga. I'm so damn happy it's insane! Now, I don't expect to go fairy kei or anything but..... If there was like a Sailor Moon kei? Oh yes!
I'm kidding, though I did buy some stuff recently...

Getting back on track! Yes, my inspiration of the week is Sailor Moon because past all the dark and brooding things I love, I need some ultra cute in my life!
Who's my favorite senshi? Sailor Moon! ....also Pluto because she's a badass time lord! My favorite versions of her are SuperS and R. What are your favorites?