Saturday, August 25, 2012

Comparative Review of Heroine Make and Nanocee BB creams

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a Japanese cosmetics store near where I live. I took this as a chance to pick up some things. I wanted to try Nanocee BB cream and the box it came in had a cute scrunchy as well! Okay, it was a little of an impulse buy.
I had also forgotten that I had ordered Heroine Make BB cream on ebay earlier that week.
No time better than now to do a review of both!

Here are the two BB creams, immediately you can tell there is more product in the Nanocee bottle.

It is true, Nanocee has 40g of product while Heroine Make has 25g of product. Almost twice as much!

Still, having more product doesn't mean it's the end all be all. I still have to test the actual product.
The top swatch is Nanocee while the bottom is Heroine Make. As coverage goes, I noticed Heroine Make covered more in one layer than Nanocee, as well as dried matt. Nanocee dries with a dewy finish. The color is of course for fair skin and surprisingly Nanocee was a tad too light but, Heroine Make yellow'd me a bit. The consistency for these was the same, a creamy texture and not liquidly, which I like!
Alas, I like these two creams but I think I'll have to keep looking for one that is perfect for me.
I bought Heroine Make for about $12 and Nanocee for $25.
I hope this was helpful and try these out yourself!


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