Lost in thought?
I spend my day to day time lost in thought, when I get a free moment of course. I get lost in my own world and go on amazing adventures in my own mind.
This blog is about my love of art and elegance. Mostly I post my art, lolita fashion, and articles of my current inspiration.

What is lolita fashion?
Lolita fashion is a Japanese alternative fashion that started in the mid 90's. The great thing about it is it just kept changing and evolving from an underground thing to a big community spanding across the globe. It borrows inspiration from western goth fashion, victorian, retro, and rococo styles.
This blog focuses mostly on gothic lolita, because it is from my point and gothic is just my favorite.

About me
My name is Jayme but, most people call me Bunny.
I'm an art student, currently residing in California.
I spend my time drawing, playing video games, and searching the internet for something new to inspire me. I grew up around interesting people who inspired me to draw and to dress very strange.
You can also find me on these websites:

I also have an etsty shop where I sell commissions and hand made goods.